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Don't be afraid of the truth as George tells it. A new world opens for the lucky client who has found the master of fashion and personal well-being that is George Brescia. He specifies what is needed, then goes out and finds it. The result is a feeling of utter relaxation and confidence combined with joy! Never have I felt so good about who I am because of how I look. Trust him and find yourself." Kate Baldwin, Broadway Star
"George offers more than clothes picking as an experienced fashion stylist. He substantially pushed my style, played up my femininity and took into account comfort, while adding his charm and verve to a look. He's talented, is a decisive shopper with a keen quick eye and tons of fun. He even packed a carry-on for a 5-day trip to Paris without pre-trip stress. Rare is a person who blends sophisticated and eclectic taste; George is among this rare group." Linda Thompson, Entrepreneur
"I experienced a transformation that really changed the way I see myself. I feel amazing when I walk out the door. I never knew what colors I looked good in and now I do. Thank you George!" Victoria Clark, Tony award winning actor
"George has a great knack for honing in on you personal style and fine-tuning it. His natural charm and charisma make him a joy to be around, these qualities combined with his long history in the fashion industry make him the perfect stylist. He has been wonderful at hearing my needs and wants and helping me create the perfect look! I love George!!!" Elizabeth Stanley, Broadway Actor, (Company & Cry Baby)
I know that the clothes I wear make a huge difference in the way I feel. Finding clothes that fit my personality and make me feel great is an art. I trust George's taste, I love the way he looks at clothes as a way to enhance one's beauty and help to bring out the best. The same for my home. George has helped me change my home from a place I just worked at to a place I live. He is also my guide when it comes to important occasions and I want someone's opinion I can trust. George you have been a beautiful influence in my life. Thank you. Patricia Moreno, Health & Fitness Pioneer
"I always hated shopping and picking out clothes. Thanks to George, I feel like I look cool and dressing is easy." Jim Graham, Personal Trainer
Thank you so much for this weekend. You are such a lovely person. Thank you for caring so much. This weekend was like one major light bulb moment for me. I totally get it now. I can't wait to "book the hell out of my jobs" like you said I would...and to look hot while doing it! Most of all, thank you for helping me find me. I will definitely be calling you in the near future to take me shopping! I wish you the best of luck in all that you do. Thank you!! Nanci Doorley, NY Actor
It was such a pleasure to have met you and have an opportunity to work with you. The class was so fun and enlightening. I loved watching how the cloths empowered the actors and the metamorphasis from day 1 to day 2. Michele Prekop, NY Actor
Oh, fashion guru divine! You are amazing!!! Thank you so much for all your help this weekend. I really needed a kick in the pants to own who I am right now and you gave it to me in the nicest, kindest, most supportive way possible. You got a gift! (sorry - had to get my inner Robert De Niro out somehow!) As soon as I pull things together on this end, you and I are going shopping!! I wish you nothing but love, support, and everything good that life has to offer! You deserve it. Cheers! Kate Andres, NY Actor
George, you have the most loving and inspiring energy, it was a JOY and an honor to work with you this weekend. Thank you for you kindness, your honesty and your advice. this was so reviving, i needed this so much, and i cannot wait to finally approach my auditions feeling like ME. And even better I feel so good, and finally confident. I have faith in my self and that is such an incredible feeling. You have such a gift, i truly adore you. with thanks and joy Katie Sina , NY Actor
I wanted to thank you for sharing your insights, ideas, and passion foryour art with me this weekend. Please keep me up with your careers and I look forward to working with you in the near future. Until next time, Aaron Simms, NY Actor
George has an amazing knack of quickly assessing your personal style and determining your lifestyle needs. With his tremendous experience in the fashion industry he works to put together the perfect lookfor any occasion that enhances your style. The result is having everything you need to make you look fantastic along with the confidence to back it up! George is a delight to work with and every session is interesting, funny, and lighthearted. I have never felt better about how I look. Thanks George!

Leslie Fornino, Senior Account Executive